Shih-Tzu Health

Shih-Tzu Health Any breed can succumb to ill health but each breed has it’s own weak areas. Having your dog under the care of a good vet is absolutely essential. Shih-Tzu’s while small are very sturdy. Puppies are often prone…

Feature YOUR Shih Tzu!

Feature Your Shih Tzu – submit your pics and stories

We are all current or wannabe Shih-Tzu lovers and we want to use Shih Tzu Time to showcase the very best, most lovable, funny and cute Shih Tzus. Please contact is and submit your stories, videos and pictures. We will be featuring a new Shih Tzu every month as the star of Shih Tzu time.

Just simply click and contact us to send us your details and we’ll feature as many of your beloved pets as we can over the coming weeks and months. Also keep an eye out for the Shih Tzu beauty contest that will be coming soon.

Remember to like and share the content across the usual social sites, we appreciate you taking the time to visit us.

Introducing Karma

Say Hi to Karma 🙂 Karma is our little Shih-Tzu and is one of the reasons we created this site as since adopting her it’s been amazing the love we’ve been given and she’s had from family and strangers alike.…

Holy Shih Tzu Comedy T-Shirt

Holy Shih Tzu! Cannot say how much I love this tee-shirt! We love a good pun and this one ticks all the boxes. We’ve seen a lot of Pug breed ones but finally one for the Shih Tzu lovers!  …

Shih Tzu Grooming Clippers

These look great and if you work out how much you spend every month to six weeks getting your little bundle of fluff groomed, you can soon see that investing in a GOOD set of clippers is an investment rather…

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