Seizures in Shih Tzu Dogs

Seizures in Shih Tzu Dogs – Triggers & Solutions Seizures in Shih Tzu Dogs are extremely terrifying, not only for the dog that’s actually experiencing the seizure but also for you, the owner. This is especially true if you witness…


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the very adorable Shih Tzu Star for the Month of July.

Shih Tzu Dad: Jet


AGE: Estimated age 4 months

FAVOURITE FOOD: Pedigree Chicken Chunks in Gravy

FAVOURITE TOY: Her Tennis Ball

WHAT HE/SHE LOVES TO DO: Go to the park with mum and dad

ANY FUNNY COMMENTS, STORIES OR ANECDOTES?  She always tries to climb the couch even though she’s so small. Sometimes, she uses her dad’s feet as the stairs to climb up.

Shih Tzu Plaque – Great gift

Shih Tzu Wall Plaque – gift idea This great plaque can be wall mounted or stand on a easel to give it a more “arrty look” – if you are a Shih Tzu owner or know someone who is, this…

Oliver the Shih Tzu Embarks on Operation Smile

Oliver the Shih Tzu Embarks on Operation Smile- Oliver is a 4 -year-old male Shih Tzu mix that joined the Brant County SPCA family as a stray on May 10th, after being found near the landfill. Oliver is about to embark…

Shih Tzu Dogs – Basic Care

Check out this quick video that gives some really helpful tips and advice on the Shih Tzu breed. Great advice on some basic care to help you get started as a new owner and some lovely image as well.

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