Bo Billie

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the very adorable

★★ Shih Tzu Star for the Month of September ★★


Shih Tzu Mum: Melissa Seow, Kuala Lumpur

Bo Billie

AGE: Will be 5 in October

FAVOURITE FOOD: Her milk biscuit treat and yogurt, say the word and she will be smacking her lips salivating!

FAVOURITE TOY: A sheep which she had since she was a baby named Sheep-Sheep and a stuffed baby seal named Bubu

WHAT HE/SHE LOVES TO DO: Rest her little head on the car window and feel the wind blowing into her face and tummy rub!

ANY FUNNY COMMENTS, STORIES OR ANECDOTES?  She hates her mum’s singing. She looks away as her mum sings to her and after a while, she will give her a glare and huff. After which, she will turn her hair back from her mum


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