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Feature Your Shih Tzu – submit your pics and stories

We are all current or wannabe Shih-Tzu lovers and we want to use Shih Tzu Time to showcase the very best, most lovable, funny and cute Shih Tzus. Please contact is and submit your stories, videos and pictures. We will be featuring a new Shih Tzu every month as the star of Shih Tzu time.

Just simply click and contact us to send us your details and we’ll feature as many of your beloved pets as we can over the coming weeks and months. Also keep an eye out for the Shih Tzu beauty contest that will be coming soon.

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Healthy Foods to Feed Your Shih Tzu

There are so many choices out in the market today that feeding your Shih Tzu has become tricky.  It is important though, to give Shih Tzu's  quality meals and healthy snacks to keep them healthy and nourished. Just like humans,…

Shih Tzu’s Common Skin Problems

Here are Shih Tzu common skin problems and helpful grooming tips to keep our furry babies healthy and adorable. Shih Tzus can sometimes suffer from food allergies along with allergies to other environmental elements such as pollen. Signs of allergy resemble those of other skin diseases, such…

Only One Way To Cool Off During Summer Heat. Shih Tzu and Sprinklers Equals Adorable

Farley, decided to take the cooling off in the summer heat to a new level. Nothing beats a nice cool sprinkler to get the job done. @shihtzutime

Shih Tzu Puppies playing and someone is jealous

This 13 week old female Shih Tzu was not too happy about sharing her toys with the new 8-week old male Shih Tzu….haha…enjoy the video.

Shih-Tzu Bad Teeth!

Shih-Tzus like many other small dogs (Yorkshire -Terriers, Chihuahuas, Papillons, Pekineses…..) are born with trouble in their mouths, they soon develop plaques and risk losing their teeth if not treated from an early age at least once a year. When…

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