Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the very adorable

★★ Shih Tzu Star for the Month of November★★


Shih Tzu Mum: Markee Mallari, Philippines




Chicken Liver

Boiled Potato


Canine Carry Outs Bacon



His toy car and Panda



Rocco loves to play with kids and dogs from their neighbourhood, he is a sweetheart to everyone. Everyone in their community knows him and says ‘Hi!’ whenever his family walks him outside.

He sleeps beside his furdad and will wait for him to wake up so they can have breakfast together. He loves cuddling and belly rub after a meal.

Rocco is affectionate and an outgoing furbaby who likes to follow his dad wherever he goes.

He never gets bored so long with his toy Panda.



He once played alone in their living room and dug up on piles and old tiles with black grout. His family laughed hard when they saw him smothered with black grout all over his face. He looks terrible but super cute though!


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Rocco is just so adorable, we can never get enough of him!

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