Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the very adorable

★★ Shih Tzu Star for the Month of October ★★


Shih Tzu Mum: Jiyul Kim Zata, Philippines


5 Months



Boiled Chicken

Sliced Apple


White Bread

Peanut Butter



Peppa Pig Stuffed Toy and His Jollibee Bed

(Most of the time, slippers, which he likes to chew on)



Watch over his mum while she’s inside the loo

Lick his mum’s face when he’s overwhelmed


Run around carrying his burger toy

Play around the house

Meet new people which his mum noticed when she first brought Toby to dad’s workplace



First, he never responds when his mum calls him, like “Toby, come here!”. He only responds to his mum’s cough. Whenever his mum coughs, wherever he is or whatever he is doing, he will run to his mum and start licking her face. Her mum thinks it’s him saying “Mum, are you okay?” or “Mum, are you sick?” and his mum thinks that’s the funniest thing about him.

Secondly, he never leaves his mum’s side which is a good thing because his mum doesn’t need to put a leash around him.

Third, Toby is jealous over his mum and dad hugging and kissing. He will bite his dad as soon as he sees him hugging and kissing mum in front of him. Then he’ll go to his mum and lick her toes and be like “I’m the only one who’s allowed to hug and kiss mum, not you dad!”

Lastly, He gets too excited over a piece of tissue paper!

…and Toby is very good in following commands like sit, double high five, and lay down.


Toby is just so adorable, we can never get enough of him!

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